Masquerade Mask

Ah….masquerade balls or costume parties could be fun, right? But what do you do if you have glasses? Paint the glasses? Glue a mask onto the glasses? Fit something to glasses? The usual custom curved masks templates don’t work well because they can’t fit with the glasses.

Actually, website had a good method. However, I found that cutting through cardboard got dicey when I just had scissors, so I ended up going with a mask on a stick. But I did use her method of tracing out the glasses.


First attempt at tracing glasses shape on paper and then cutting out holes for the eyes and smaller holes to loop onto the glasses. This is Bunny’s website’s method. Because it was paper, I could just fold in half to get the outer outlines even on both sides :). Unfortunately, because of the side glasses holes, It looked like i couldn’t actually do a mask with smooth pointy edges. This sort of looks like an Owl, doesn’t it?



This is a satin template mask I bought. However, it still didn’t work with glasses, so I was just goofing with possible designs. I decided to use an unsharpened pencil as the mask “stick”.


So, I cut out the mask shape (loosely based on the paper cut out I had before and the satin mask in order to get symmetrical lines) . I did this for cardboard and black cardstock. Then I glued the black cardstock onto the cardboard. Every time I made the eyes holes, they got smaller because I was tracing off each cut out…haha.


Then, I tried to plan the mask. Sequins seems good on the outside, but what to do for the rest?


So, I used Elmer’s All Purpose glue on the sequins and waited. Then, I started using gold glitter glue to google on the mask.


All done glitter glue doodling!


I used a glue gun to glue the black gem and feathers to the top of the mask. Then I wrapped black ribbon around an unsharpened pencil, glue gunned the ends, and then glue-gunned the pencil/ribbon to the back of the mask. I would recommend glue-gunning the ribbon to the pencil in the top, bottom, and middle. I didn’t glue-gun the middle, so the ribbon came loose after the event this mask was used for. But anyway, if you want to make your own mask with just cardboard, glue, and random stuff, here you go!


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