Dusty Woes on Kitchen Cabinets

With the arrival of the end of the lease comes the move into another place after all those woes of searching for new potential places to live. I’ve just recently moved once again, and it seems that with each move, I encounter new problems.

This particular place has got to the be most poorly cleaned place I have ever encountered, and as I clean, I find myself sometimes looking online to see if there are any good solutions. Or maybe you might have some advice for me as well!

The kitchen cabinets looked fine on the outside, but oh my. The insides and the top were terrible. For the insides of the cabinets, I tried vacuuming with a hose, scrubbing with a sponge, scrub, and Lysol wipes. The stains mostly came off. My guess is the previous renter stored a ton of leaky food or drinks…and was a slob. Unfortunately, some stickiness still remained, and even after multiple wipes and scrubs, stickiness still prevailed. My temporary solution has been just to line the cabinet shelves with plastic liner or clean white kitchen trash bags. Any other suggestions appreciated!

Next  came the top of the cabinets. This is just a whole new level of dustiness. The dust was caked onto the cabinets; it must have simply been a paradise! Vacuuming failed to budge that beach of dust, and even scrubbing and wipes didn’t make so much a dent. Alas, I gave up, and found out that instead of cleaning, some people line the tops of their cabinets with wax paper and then change out the wax paper once in a while. It turns out that the wax paper catches the dust. Well, I guess I failed in removing all that dust stuck onto the tops of the cabinets, but at least I can try to use the wax paper to catch future dust…

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