Frying Onion Rings for Warmth

Umm, yes. That’s counter intuitive. You’d think I’d be drinking hot soup in the middle of a snowstorm, but apparently, I was in the mood for onion rings. Remember last time? I didn’t have a fryer, so I went ahead and made baked onion rings.  Between that time and now, I got ahold of an ancient deep fryer that had been sitting in someone’s cabinet for….a very very long time. This deep fryer is simple and there is no temperature control, so to keep the temperature from getting to high, I amounted to pulling the plug and then inserting the plug back into the electrical socket. Honestly, if there was temperature control, it was hard to tell because the fryer would just keep getting hotter with no limit.

So, here’s what I ended up with on two separate occasions. I saved a bowl compared to the time I baked the onion rings by mixing the egg and flour together in one bowl.

Onion Rings With Flour

Onion Rings With Flour


–  All purpose Flour – Egg –

-Salt/Pepper, or random seasoning – Onions


1. Cut onions into slices and then separate the inner rings from the slices to make more onion rings!

2. Start heating up your deep fryer and the oil in it. Don’t ever add water to the oil or let water contact the oil while it’s heating. You’ll get flying droplets of pain in your face.

3. Mix flour and egg together. Add water as needed if you added too much flour. Be careful though. You don’t want the mix to be super watery.

4. Add salt/pepper/seasoning to the mix.

5. Dip onion rings in the flour/egg/seasoning mix.

6. Stick in deep fryer once the deep fryer is hot enough. Flip the onion rings as they fry until they are crispy and have a golden color.


I didn’t add enough seasoning to the mix the first time. I tried to just add a little salt the first time around, but there was no taste. Since your mix is flour and egg, you really need to add a bunch of salt/seasoning otherwise you won’t be about to taste it. I didn’t add enough to a couple of the rings, so ketchup was my alternate way of fixing the “no taste” problem.


Onion Rings with Fried Chicken Powder

Onion Rings with Fried Chicken Powder

Onion Rings with Fried Chicken Powder

So, a friend of mine gave me a random packet of fried chicken powder when she went traveling abroad. I must admit I’ve had this sitting in my pantry for a while now because I didn’t know what to do with it. I didn’t have a deep fryer! But…upon discovering the ancient deep fryer, I decided to make use of this powder finally. I didn’t want to try frying chicken yet, so I decided to try it on the onion rings! The ingredients are pretty much the same except I did not need to add flour and seasoning. The fried chicken powder already had seasoning and flour accounted for. Now, I’m not really sure what exactly is in the mix. The onion rings came out much darker and they seemed to also fry faster. But..they also turned out greasier. They still tasted good though!

Chinese Fried Chicken Powder?

Chinese Fried Chicken Powder?

Do you like onion rings? How do you make yours? Do you recommend any seasoning mixes? :p