Dead Tennis Balls? Free Chair Leg Cushions

“It’s dead. Garbage.”


Dead tennis balls are balls that have depressurized and are flat, thus making them terrible for tennis. Instead of just tossing the balls into the garbage, you can use them in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, tennis racquets don’t seem to be as versatile. Definitely don’t do what Number 18 did here.

Reviving the Dead Tennis Ball

Share your tennis ball uses! What do you do?

1. Chair Leg Cushions: Using tennis balls to cushion your chairs prevents them from scratching the floor or getting stuck in holes/dents in the flooring. It also makes sliding the chair quieter, so you won’t have to worry about hearing that screeching noise again! You won’t need carpeting either!

Here’s how: Cut an X into the ball with a knife. I used a Swiss Army knife because I didn’t want to use a kitchen knife on it. You want to cut through the rubbery layer and make the X wide enough so you can insert the chair leg into the ball through the X. If you cut the X too big, your chair leg will wiggle and it may fall out of the ball. Then insert your chair leg in! Repeat for your other chair legs, and you are done!

Tennis Ball Chair Shoe

Tennis Ball Chair Shoe

2. Door Handle Cushions/Door Stops: Similar to the chair leg cushions, dead tennis balls can also cushion your door handle hitting the wall. You can either put the ball on part of the handle or just place it against the wall.

3. Toys for Pets – Flat tennis balls can be chew toys and throw toys for pets.

4. Tennis Ball Chair: Apparently, Gabriel Coch and Hugh Hayden decided to create a tennis ball chair since tennis balls are not degradable. Interesting concept! Compare Coch’s chair  and Hayden’s chair. Are they comfortable? What do you think?

Coch’s Chair

Hayden’s Chair

5. Batting/target practice: Hang the tennis ball up with a string, and you can bat at it without it going too far or use it as target practice!

6. Scruff remover: Gizmodo shares that tennis balls can be placed on the end of a broomstick and then rubbed against walls to remove scruffs!

7. Storage: DoItandHow  cuts a slit in the tennis ball and uses it to hold objects such as envelopes, towels, key, pens, and even a bottle. MANIkordstudio offers various tennis ball coin wallet designs.

Do It and How’s Tennis Ball Helper

MANIkordstudio’s Tennis Ball Coin Purse

8. Jar Openers/Better Grip: Since the tennis ball is rubbery on the inside, if you cut the tennis ball in half, you can use it to help open jars or to get a better grip on any other items.

9. Garage Parking Position Indicator: Gizmodo also shares that tennis balls can be hung from a string on your garage ceiling so that it touches the windshield when your vehicle is in the correct parking spot.

10. Dryer fluffers: Clean balls in the dryer will bounce around in the dryer as the dryer is spinning and help fluff laundry.

11. Weights: Fill tennis balls with sand, coins and create your own DYI weights! In addition, Gizmodo notes that Minnesota kids use filled tennis balls as pucks.

12: Stress Ball: You can even use the tennis ball as a stress ball. If it’s too hard to squeeze, make a slit in it to help depressurize it even more.

13. Dulling Hammer Force: If you put a tennis ball on the end of the hammer, it will soften the blow.

14. Massagers: Fill up a couple of tennis balls in a sack or sock and then move it back and forth. Kudos to DYILife on this one.

15. Childproof Doors: Gizmodo states that placing a tennis ball over a door knob keeps small children from opening doors. I’m not really sure how this one works.

16. Pool Cleaners: DYILife shares that floating tennis balls in swimming pools allow the balls to absorb the body oil, which causes the “shiny oily sheen” on the pool water. Thus, oil is removed, cleaning the pool.

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