Rice Cooker Laziness

Recently, due to trying times and severe lack of time paired with the oh-so-lovable-flu, I resorted to using my rice cooker to make chicken soup, cook chicken, and steam potatoes.  Now, the benefit of a rice cooker is that you don’t need to time it or watch a stove. The rice cooker will automatically stop when it runs out of water.

So… here’s an easy recipe for chicken soup.

Tatung Rice Cooker

I used a Tatung rice cooker. The Tatung cooker has a main body and then has a removable metal container. I fill the main body with some water and then put the chicken and other ingredients into the metal container. The metal container than rests on top of the water.  I believe the Tatung is different from Zojirushi rice cooker, so the method may vary if you’re using a Zojirushi.

Easy Peasy Chicken Soup From A Tatung Rice Cooker

– Get some chicken drumsticks and cut some slits in them. This will make it easier for them to cook via the steaming.

– Place drumsticks in the metal container.

– Add veggies. You can either place some veggies such as sliced carrots, cabbage, bokchoy under the drumsticks or over the drumsticks. Just note that the bottom of the metal container will have “chicken soup” liquid once the rice cooker finishes cooking.

– Add water to the outside main body of the cooker.

– Place the metal contained in the water.

– Start the cooking by pressing the button!

– When the button snaps back to its regular position, the cooking is done. If the chicken isn’t done, just ad more water out of the metal container into the main body and cook again with the button.

– You should now have chicken soup  in the metal container!


Do you have any rice cooker recipes you want to share… or do you cook anything other than rice in your rice cooker? Feel free to share!

Otherwise, here are some other rice cooker recipes to try ! Apparently you can make bread in a rice cooker too

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