Whoa… Colorful Much? Pinata Cookies

Pinatas and parties! The World Cup is going on right now. Why not try making these very colorful cookies with MM’s hidden inside them. Warning: Tons of food coloring involved for the pinata cookie. No food dye needed for the M&M’s…. obviously. On that logic, can probably taste the rainbow….with or without Skittles! I’m not sure how Skittles would work in combination with these cookies.

See here for the steps!

June Fitness Challenge

There’s always all these exercise challenges going on, and I haven’t been particularly athletic lately due to sports injuries. However, a friend suggested doing one just to get moving, and here it is! It’s a month of abdominal muscle exercises, building up day by day with Sundays as rest days.

Want to do it? We passed Week 1 already. Obviously, the dates don’t match up as this challenge appear to be from a different year. We started Monday May 26th. So, our schedule is:

Week 1: Starting Mon May 26

Week 2: Starting Mon June 2

Week 3: Starting Mon June 9

Week 4: Starting Mon June 16

I think my voice started to sound like a Pikachu while counting the crunches today…


Look for other fitness challenges. Ashild did a 100 push up challenge here!