Gingerbread Houses…wait, what? FOAM?

Gingerbread houses are pretty awesome since you can always eat them (if the gingerbread/candy isn’t too hard by the time you decide to eat them) after you’re done!

While surfing for craft supplies, I stumbled upon Foam kits! I guess I never really noticed them before, but this year they were gracing the craft stores all round. So, happening upon two crafts stores, AC Moore and Michaels, I decided to buy a foam kit from each of them and test drive which sets are better for the kiddies. I may still do an edible gingerbread house, but… that shall have to wait.

Nicole Kids foam kit (AC Moore) and Creatology foam kit (Michaels)

Nicole Kids foam kit (AC Moore) on the left, and Creatology foam kit (Michaels) on the right

Yes, they do say it’s for 6 years old and up! We’re all kids at heart, right?!! But I’ll break this down further in detail.  The Nicole kit on the right looks more like a gingerbread house. That one is from AC Moore, and currently, you can get it for $5.00 USD. I was able to use a 50% off coupon, so I got that for even less.  Pricewise, the Creatology Michaels one on the left was also $5.00 because it was on sale for half price. Luckily, I got to use a 20% off sale coupon, so….I also got it for less than $5.00 USD.

Finished Foam kits

Finished – Front!

The Nicole gingerbread house was pretty easy to put together. It consisted of stickers and foam, and everything you needed was in the kit. I made sure not to have the sticky parts stick the roof onto the rest of the house. This way, I can still remove the roof and shove a tealight inside the house, and it’ll glow! Simple and nice. Too bad there’s no design on the back…although you could put extra stickers on the back…

Finished Foam kits

Finished- Back View

As you can see, the Creatology one is a bit more complicated. You need glue, and I question if 6 year olds can do this! Besides the fact that the kit came with broken pieces (some of the foam was super thin, and it was already broken. I hid the broken window behind the squirrel.) and missing pieces (you can see I am missing one of the red ribbons for the roof. They are supposed to be on both sides of the house.), some of the pieces were very flimsy and thin and the stickers were not very sticky. Since these pieces had to be torn out of their frames to use, I’d be afraid that the kids would break the whole piece while trying to take the pieces out. As for the sticker pieces, some are already unsticking after only a day after assembly. It actually feels like it’d be better to glue everything instead of using the sticker stickiness.

So, I think I enjoyed the Nicole’s one better. It is much simpler and doesn’t require any additional supplies. Additionally, I think the quality of the stickers is much better. For the younger kids, I would recommend going with the Nicole’s kit.  However, if you are not afraid of them breaking thin pieces and getting upset, the Creatology set is good and will keep them occupied for much longer. Creatology offers several other kits including nativity ones as well. You might even be able to build a foam holiday village from the sets.

Have you built any gingerbread houses, miniature villages lately? I always find miniature villages cute.