28 Pun-tastic Teacher Gifts

It’s just too bad there’s no “WordPress” share button on non-Wordpress websites. So, I’ve just copied and pasted the links and front page picture here.

But anyhow, this article is pretty punny (Click the picture to get to the Buzzfeed article). I will say that I did appreciate my teachers, even my math teachers. You see, I used to hate maths, but then I realized decimals have a point. Sorry! I actually never hated math that much. It came easier to me than writing. Which gifts are your favorites?  I like Numbers 5 with the cookie, 7 with the latte, 15 with the donut, 17 with the berries, 21 with the light bulb.




Buzzfeed Article Cover Picture

Source: Gabby Noone, Buzzfeed