Cake Wrecks

I recently stumbled upon a great blog named Cake Wrecks. The blogger has a funny comments and a sense of humor when she writes about the cakes. This blog is funny and talks about cake decorating failures. There are some nice cake decorating successes in there, but it’s just amusing for the failures.


I mention this because I tried to decorate a cake for an occasion, and let’s just say everything went wrong. It was a cake wreck….


Fail 1: I baked a chocolate bundt cake with cranberries and nuts mixed in. I did oil the bundt baking pan. However, when the cake was finally ready to take out, it wouldn’t come out. It turns out that the bottom of the pan/top of the cake was stuck to the pan. Alas, when the cake finally came out, the top of the cake at the bottom of the pan didn’t quite make it.

Solution: Just flip the cake backwards and ice the whole darn cake to hide the mistake.

Fail 2: So, apparently, whipped cream is just too soft to decorate anything complicated. Previously, I had only worked with frosting/icing which is stiffer.

The white on the cake looked ok….but then the decorating fails after that.

Fail 3: Why did I go with violet? I wasn’t originally planning on using the strawberries, but… should have gone with red….

Fail 4: The red came out pink…I guess I really needed to use more food dye…

Fail 5: Those flower petals look more like blobs than petals….thanks to the softness of the whipped cream.

Fail 6: The border of the cake didn’t do so well either due to the softness…

Fail 7: I tried to draw leaves onto the strawberries on the bottom of the cake. Some of them look like monsters.

After reading about all these fails, here is what the cake looked like.


Cake Decorating Fail

Cake Decorating Fail

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