Macraproni Grill: A Tale of a Macaroni Grill Letdown

Image Credit: Picture taken from Barrie Summy’s blog. Hehe. The blogger states that it was a result of microwaving mac without water.


This is not a DIY post at all,  but this incident was so outrageous I had to post because it has been bugging me a couple of months now. A couple months ago, I visited a friend in Northern Virginia. Having stayed out for a while, we lost track of time and found ourselves looking for a place to eat dinner at around 8pm. My friend suggested Macaroni Grill, a place I have never tried.  I can’t remember what day it was, but I think it may have been Friday. Any way, it’s supposed to open til 11pm on Friday and Saturday and until 10pm on the others days. We got in at about 8pm.

The restaurant was dimly lit for mood lighting reasons, I suppose. The service was slow and terrible. It appears that only one waiter was waiting even though a couple more were standing off to the side. Mind you, I am not familiar with the restaurant hierarchies. Some of them may have been bus boys, but I don’t think so. We had two different waiters come by, female and male. The male waiter ended up being our waiter, but after waiting for so long for him to come back, the female waiter took our order for us.  The food was absolutely mediocre. Maybe it also took longer to make because it wasn’t peak hours. The whole experience was so bad I can equate it to waiting for Godot..except Godot actually shows up and is terribly disappointing.

Here’s the part that rubbed both my friend and I the wrong way. Restaurants are in the service industry. While waiting for our food, the lights were suddenly turned up really brightly. We heard laughter from the staff. There were other customers in the store beside us. The “mood lighting” was gone, and the brightening lights seemed to be a sign that they were going to close shop. Basically, they were trying to kick all the customers out before closing, which by the way wasn’t even close. It was maybe 9pm.  My friend and I left around 9:45pm after we ate as quickly as we could.

I will never ever go there again, if I somehow end up in that state again. I also do not recommend anyone to go there unless management/worker attitude has changed. Clearly, the workers  and manager there do not understand the idea of being in the service business. While I understand it may just be a job to them, acting the way they do will certainly not help the business. Less business equates to them potentially being fired due to lack of capital. Needless to say, I did not tip them well. I should have not tipped at all, but it didn’t feel proper.


ImprovArtz’s Rating of Restaurant:

Location : Virginia (I think it was Alexandria on the Kingstowne road because I was thinking about how they were acting like kings when I heard about the road name..sort of but not really…in their attitudes. )

Service: Almost nonexistent

Wait to Order Food: Long

Wait Time for Food: Long

Wait time for Drinks and anything else you ask for: Long

Lighting: Dim until they want to kick you out and turn on the lights to the brightest setting to blind you

Food: Mediocre

Who knows… maybe some other location might actually be decent, but this location, assuming I got it right, should probably be closed.

2 thoughts on “Macraproni Grill: A Tale of a Macaroni Grill Letdown

    • Haha. I Googled “burnt macaroni” and that picture came up. 😉

      I must have been just downright unlucky with this particular location. I’d like to give the chain a benefit of the doubt that not all of the restaurants are similar.

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