Holiday Handmade Card Challenge Part 4

Uh oh… it turns out I did have more than eight cards to make…. I did make the schedule and mailed quite a few out on the 17th! Alas, I found out that some of the cards I had mailed could have been delayed because I might happen to meet those people during the holidays! However, they probably wouldn’t receive the card until after X-mas anyway if meeting in person…


Card Attempt #7

Xmas Ornament Second Try!

Remember how I couldn’t cut straight lines and purposely misaligned the paper in Card #2? Well, I just went with it this time and just glued them straight. You will notice that I still cannot cut straight. I tried to draw attention away from that by adding a bow. To save myself from gluing, I strung the ribbon through two holes in the card and then tied the bow. I still have issues tying the bow. See? It came out crooked.

Xmas Ornament 2 Inside of Xmas Ornament Card 2


Card Attempt #8

Green and Snow Pop Out Xmas Tree – (Billing) Envelope Size

That giant pop out tree card #1 was a bit too big to mail. That was made from card stock sized 8.5 by 11 inches and then folded in half. Alas, I did not have any large enough sized paper to be able to make a proper envelope that would survive the post. So… here was another attempt, and I thought of people who don’t get as much snow. If too much white snow overwhelms them, why not a card with partial snow! To spiff it up, I used striped paper and then used green paint to match the trees and make the snow stand out.

Green and Snow Popout Tree Inside of Green and Snow


Card Attempts #9 and 10

Holidays Paintings on Cardstock

Apparently, painting took less time than all the cutting and gluing, so I went ahead and painted onto the card stock and then use an envelope score board to make envelopes for these from normal paper.


Card Attempt #11

Multi Paper Card

This is just made with scrap cardstock and cut pieces of different patterns.


Card Attempt #12

Pop Out Gift Card

Cover was just made with paper and marker. The inside required two layers of paper. The white paper was cut and bent inward to create the 3D effect. Marker created the ribbon lines. Now…if the card would just stay closed…

IMG_0155[1] IMG_0156[1]


And I’m donnnne! So fortunate not all of them had to be mailed. Anyone forget about the holidays this year because Christmas is a Wednesday?



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