Holiday Handmade Card Challenge Part 2

Rudolph the red nose reindeeer~

Had a very shiny nose,

And if you ever saw him,

You would see I forgot the bow!


Card Attempt #3

Reindeer with Holly Leaves

The reindeer design is based off of this person’s printable holiday card. You can get the printout of the reindeer there. However, because my card was smaller, I had to hand draw the reindeer instead of using the printout. I liked her card color scheme with the black and white, but I ultimately decided that going completely black and white didn’t seem very holiday cheer like. So, I added color with Prisma Color markers. Alas, the green bled through to show on the inside of the card too. To fix this and make it look intentional, I drew red berries on the insides of the card and drew in hollies on the back of the card too, so the back would also bleed into the other inside piece of the card.

IMG_0142[1] IMG_0143[1]


Card Attempt #4

Joy to the World Sticker Hole

What to do… I had some old holiday themed stickers around, so I decided to make use of them otherwise they would probably just keep sitting on my shelf for…the many years they already have. I decided to have the sticker on the inside of the card and cut a whole on the front of the card. Then, because the front looked too plain, I added snow (white paint) and a gold ribbon to make it look like a hanging Christmas tree ornament.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the bow to look right, so I just crossed the ribbon. Because the inside looked too white with just the sticker inside, I added badly cut blue stars at the corners of the inside.

Joy to the World Sticker Cover Joy to the World Sticker Inside


More to come….

~Share your ideas! What do you think? Do you make your own cards?~


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