Holiday Handmade Card Challenge Part 1

Deck the halls with crafties and bards.

Fa la la la la, la la la la~

Tis the season to make cards~

I just butchered that carol. Sorry folks. This year, I am going to make an effort to custom make holiday cards even though I have not much time. I have at least eight cards to make…unless I counted wrong. So, instead of 12 days of Xmas, it’s going to be 8 days of Xmas! Just kidding. I’m going to post the cards two by two each post as a motivation to keep me on track because I do have to mail these cards out in time!

~Share your holiday card ideas! The more the merrier! ~


Card Attempt #1:

Popout Green Xmas Trees on Red Paper With Painted White Snow

I followed a youtube video and then added and made a couple of minor tweaks. I used 65 lb cardstock for paper, but if you make something like this, I would recommend using something lighter for the Xmas tree on the inside of the card because I now have a hard time keeping the card closed…. but I guess that’s what the envelope is going to be for. This is the card I spent the most time gluing



Card Attempt #2:

Xmas Tree Ornaments

This card was made from a combination of construction paper, normal printing paper, scrapbook paper, yellow paint, and green highlighter. I tilted the white and red rectangles because…well… I can’t cut straight apparently, so I tried to hide that I can’t cut straight. I am now hoping some of the people receiving these cards aren’t reading these blog posts….haha.


More to come! Share your card ideas too~ The more the merrier as holiday spirit dictates(or life in general :p)!


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