Cake It Up for Thanksgiving!

This month, I got the chance to test out some cake decorating techniques. The practice culminated into my first decorated cake ever with Wilton cake decorator tips.  Have you ever decorated a cupcake or cake? Post pictures!

Text says "Happy Thanksgiving!"

Text says “Happy Thanksgiving!”


Tilted View


Top View

The cake is a two layer cake. I leveled each layer and “glued” them together by putting a layer of icing in between. Then, I iced the outside of the cake while it was frozen (so it’s not as easy for the crumbs to come off and stick). Afterwords, it was all decorating! Everything (including the text) except the green grass was done using star shaped tips.

Click this link to see the inside of the cake!

So, the turkey’s eyeballs look a bit off, and I didn’t mean to tilt the turkey’s head in that manner…. but oh, well!

When I brought the cake to work, many people were vary about cutting the cake because they did not want to cut into the turkey. But after some time once people had cut enough around the turkey, there was no choice, and so the cutting of the turkey began!

Happy Thanksgiving! 😛


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