Ever Want to Eat Your Country’s Flag?

…or make your country’s flag out of food?

Now, I’m sure we’ve all heard of food for the holidays. Halloween gives us spider cookies and hotdog fingers. The United States’s July 4th Independence Day gives us cakes that look like the American flag with blueberries for the blue, whipped cream to cover the stars, and either raspberries or strawberries to make the red stripes on the cake.

Well, an Austrailian advertising agency named WHYBIN\TBWA  has created national flags around the world with food commonly associated with those countries to promote the Sydney International Food Festival! Some examples follow! See how they used the plates/containers to formulate the shapes too!

Which flags do you like best? Share! Have you ever made food to look like your country’s flag?

Japan – White plate, tuna on top of a mound of rice(sushi)

Thailand – Sweet chili sauce, blue crab, shredded coconut sauce

United States – Hot dogs with ketchup plus cheese. I think that blue is probably a blue plate. The bottom is a larger white plate/

Greece – Kalamata olives and feta cheese

Brazil – banana leaf, limes, pineapple and passion fruit

See some more flags here!

For more information about the food festival, check out The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Month Section!


7 thoughts on “Ever Want to Eat Your Country’s Flag?

    • The link below the pictures has more flags too! I like the Thai flag too. The U.S. one does look very fattening! Someone told me they thought it looks like plastic too ironically! Great Britain’s is pretty much breakfast material :p

    • They do, don’t they? I can do a July 4th cake, but I never thought of using hot dogs for the flag! (Actually, the United States one does look a bit gross… as someone else has commented too.)

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