Repurposing Boxes as Organizers

Boxes and boxes and boxes!

Ever go grocery shopping at a wholesale warehouse such as Costco or Sam’s Club? Sometimes, you end up with boxes of stuff because of the large quantities they sell! Sure, you can recycle them, but why not put them to some good use if you have needs for containers.

1) Organizers for Recycling and Others: Wouldn’t there be some better use by  separating them out to be recycling organizers for your glass, metal, plastic, and paper recyclables? Of course aside from organizing your recycles, you could use different size boxes to hold bath supplies, dry food packages, etc. I put my cooking oil and cooking supplies in a small cardboard box with no flaps. The box will catch the oil if there is an oil leak and it also helps me keep all my cooking supplies organized so I can just reach for them in the same general area when I cook.

2) Storage/Organizer and Moving: Some sizes are perfect for storage. The boxes with notches (such as those holding fruit) tend to be nicely stackable!  In addition, there are holes on the ends you can use as handles to put your hands through, making them rather easy to move.

Stackable Apple Boxes

Stackable Apple Boxes

3) Trash Boxes: Some sizes are even great for mini garbage cans.  Just put a garbage bag in and voila!

Reused Waffle Box as Trash Can

Reused Waffle Box as Trash Can

4) Packages: Package boxes with flaps can be reused for mailing packages. You can use shoe boxes for this too.


Worried about your containers looking ugly and advertising for orange juice, fruit, and what not? Fear not! You can remedy this by simply getting something like  wrapping paper, wall paper, or scrap book paper to cover the outside of the boxes! By decorating boxes this way, you can simply even just leave them as decorative props!

Now, guess what? You can do this with tissue boxes too!

Take for example, this empty Kleenex tissue box. I happened to need something to hold maps and bus schedules, so I cut along the diagonals on the top of the tissue box and then taped the sides inside the box. Since there were already flowers on the box, I didn’t feel the need to rewrap it and I didn’t mind the “Kleenex” on the bottoms of each side.

Tape flaps inside the box.

Tape flaps inside the box.

Kleenex Brochure/Pencil Holder

Kleenex Brochure/Pencil Holder


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