Pizza Perfume – Say What?

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Admittedly, this post is not about a DIY project although I was requested by a coworker to make pizza perfume. Clearly, since I do not have the knowledge to create pizza perfume (besides smearing pizza on someone or ordering so much pizza to make the pizza smell cling to someone’s clothes), I did the next best thing: googled to see if one existed. Lo and behold, miraculously, pizza perfume does exist!

What do you think about it? Crazy? Is pizza perfume something only one gender would prefer smelling? One of my female coworkers was utterly repelled by the idea while one of my male coworkers decided it was the “best thing evar” because he would be able to smell pizza on girls. Note that he didn’t say he wanted the perfume as a cologne on himself.  Share your thoughts? Would you want the perfume/cologne on yourself, on someone else, or no one!

Pizza Hut released its “Eau de Pizza Hut” in Canada in 2012 after receiving a huge response to a promotional call for people to suggest names for the scent of “the smell of a box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened.” [Source Link]  Apparently, Pizza Hut thought it would be a romantic idea to release Pizza Perfume/Cologne in the U.S.  this year for Valentine’s Day!  As the Huffington Post reported, only 72 packages were available due to the perfume being part of a limited edition romantic package.  So, what did it smell like? Ironically, samplers said cinnamon buns….


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