Improvised(Makeshift) Belt Hangers – Part 2

This is the second post in the Belt Hanger Series… well, it’s really just one big entry broken into two posts.  The first post had the bulk of the build-it-yourself options.

Take 3) Store Bought Alternatives:

There are many store bought alternatives. I just wanted to point on this one because I found that they could both be used for jewelry/belts/ties.

Bed Bath and Beyond has a belt/scarf hanger

Bed Bath & Beyond Scarf/Belt Hanger

Interestingly enough, Michaels Arts & Crafts Store has a smaller version and labels it as a jewelry holder. The only problem you might encounter with the jewelry version is that some belts with bigger buckles may hit each other if you put them on adjacent hooks on the same row. This version has more hooks and holes than the Bed Bath and Beyond version.

Michaels' Jewelry Hanger

Michaels’ Jewelry Hanger

However, note that the material for these two may not be sturdy. There are reviews on Bed Bath and Beyond’s website, where customers have complained about the quality. That said, there are other sturdier options that the stores offer, but I have found that those tend to be mostly wall mounts.

Take 4) DIY From Scratch

Want to really build a belt hanger from scratch? Here are the materials you would need. Note that I was unable to build one from scratch because I did not have access to all supplies at the time. The general procedure is the same. First, get your scrap wood ready, then attach the coat hanger hook with glue or screw, depending on what you have. To make it sturdier, you should drill a hole and then put the glue inside the hole, then insert the hook. This is sturdier than just flat out trying to glue the hook to the surface of the wood.


–          Scrap wood that is thick enough for you to screw the screw hooks in.

–          Cup hooks or nails. If you want to have the cup hooks hang under the scrap wood, cup hooks are preferable because otherwise the belts would just fall off with nothing to hold them in place. If you are going to have the hooks/nails on the side of the wood, then nails work as well.

–          A coat hanger hook, which you can hang the wood and belts off of. You can also get one of those screw in utility hooks from your local hardware store. However, I find that those are probably too sturdy and are rather thick.  You can even cut your own wood hook if you’d like.

–          Glue (Optional)

–          Hammer/Drill (Optional)

–          Paint/Glue/Saw/ETC if you want to decorate the scrap wood or cut it to size. Varnish would be helpful too if you want to finish the wood.

Steps: Shape/paint/decorate/finish the wood first to how you’d like it to be. Make holes in wood to attach/glue hooks to. Then screw in the cup hooks/nail nails in. Same with the coat hanger hook depending on what material you are using for it.

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